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Feature 4Unleash your Creativity with the FUJIFILM X100T

Get creative with Advanced Filters

The X100T gives you a choice of eight different filter effects to add an artistic look to your images. You can preview the resulting image on the electronic viewfinder and LCD monitor.

High Key

Create uniformly dark tones with few areas of emphasized highlights.

Low Key

Darken the overall image and amplify the highlights.

Soft Focus

Create a look that is evenly soft throughout the whole image.

Toy Camera

Adds shaded borders to create the effect of a photo being taken by a toy camera.


Adds top and bottom blur for a diorama or miniature effect.

Pop Color

Emphasizes contrast and color saturation.

Dynamic Tone

Create a fantasy effect with dynamically-modulated tonal reproduction.

Partial Color (Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue/Purple)

Retain one selected original color and change the rest of the photo to black-and-white.

Multiple exposure shooting through the versatile hybrid viewfinder

Multiple exposures, in which different images are placed on top of each other on the same frame, can now be accurately framed and easily taken looking through the hybrid viewfinder.

  • First shot
  • Second shot
  • Multiple Exposure result

Choose a cinematic tone for Full HD movies

The FUJIFILM X100 offers a world of new possibilities in Full HD movie shooting. Shoot smooth 1920x1080 movies in 60fps or choose 50fps, 30fps, 25fps and 24fps frame rates. A high bit rate of 36Mbps allows clear capture of intricate movements. For extra creative options, you can choose film simulation modes, including the new ‘Classic Chrome’.

You can choose manual settings for white balance, aperture, shutter speed and ISO sensitivity as well as exposure. Six types of scene recognition are available or you can choose auto and leave it up to the camera to shoot beautiful movies.

Intelligent Hybrid AF achieves high-speed, high-precision focusing by switching between phase-detection AF and contrast AF according to the scene. You can also choose manual focus.

A world's first* - you can shoot movies with the optical viewfinder**

The X100T allows you to shoot movies without switching to live view. This means you can enjoy creating videos as if you’re using a movie film camera.

New MHG-X100 Hand Grip

The MHG-X100 is designed to improve the grip of the X100T. Both battery and memory card can be swapped with the grip in place. Additionally, a tripod screw hole can be placed in centre of the optical axis and the base parts are equipped with a 38mm width dovetail protrusion plate, allowing use as a quick shoe mount.

Additional shooting and playback functions to explore


New New Multi-Target Area AutoFocus

The camera determines subjects from multiple focus points. The subjects are automatically brought to focus.

Variable target area during Manual Focus

This feature allows you to freely set the focus area during manual focus.

Multi-Target Area AF

Exposure setting

New Exposure compensation is possible during manual exposure (when sensitivity is set to AUTO)

The exposure compensation dial can be used when shooting with manual exposure setting.

New Spot metering in the selected AF area

Exposure priority shooting is more precise thanks to communication between the autofocus and metering areas.


New Bright 92% frame coverage

Bright frame coverage with the optical viewfinder has been increased from 90% in past models to 92% in the X100T. The image angle can now be accurately checked with the actual subject.

New Wide dynamic range live view (100% - 400%)

White spots in highlight areas have been reduced by expanding the dynamic range from 100% (past models) to 400%, making subjects clearer.

New EVF/LCD image quality adjustment function

The X100T automatically sets the brightness (EVF only) and adjusts color intensity. Live view shooting that produces actual colors instead of selected Film Simulation modes is now possible.

  • Film simulation Velvia
  • Natural live view
Manual exposure movie (P / S / A / M)

Aperture and shutter speeds can be changed even while shooting a movie. Background bokeh and subject movement can be controlled more accurately.

Finder display that automatically switches between vertical and horizontal positions

The orientation of information displayed on the EVF/LCD changes according to whether the camera is held vertically or horizontally.



Automatically detects human faces and optimizes focus and brightness, allowing you to take beautiful portraits.

New Interval Timer Shooting

Automatically record the ever-changing expressions of nature by setting the shooting interval, shooting count and start time.

New ISO setting from ISO100 - 51200

Due to the high-performance sensor and image processing engine, high image quality with little noise is achieved even with ultra-high sensitivity.

Continuous 5.8 fps*** AF tracking

Children, pets, flowers blown by the wind and other moving subjects can be reliably captured.

Super Intelligent Flash

This high-performance flash automatically controls the amount of light according to the situation.


14-bit RAW compatibility

14-bit RAW data compatibility offers rich gradation.

In-camera RAW processing function

Film simulation mode can be applied when images are developed.


New Q menu customization

Due to many requests, the Q menu can now be customized. Functions of your choice can now be registered to the Q menu.

New Fn button can be customized to seven different functions

Frequently used functions can be customized on the function (Fn) setting screen. Functions can then be selected immediately.

Battery / Power

Long-life battery for up to 700 photos*4

The X100T has the longest battery life in its class which is achieved through a power-saving design – approx. 330 photos or up to 700 photos when OVF Power Save mode is ON.

New Compatible with USB charging

The camera can be charged from a computer using a USB cable.


  • · Sample photos are simulated images.
  • * Fujifilm research as of August 2014.
  • ** Only during electronic rangefinder mode.
  • *** Based on CIPA guidelines and conducted in "High Performance" mode.
  • *4 Approximate number of frames / period that can be taken with a fully-charged battery when OVF power save mode is ON based on CIPA standard.