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Feature 2X-Trans CMOS Sensor - Enabling high quality imaging

Fujifilm X-E1's large APS-C size sensor, combined with the sharpness and fine detail of the Fujinon XF lens, maximizes resolution over the entire image.

Large APS-C Sensor for Achievement of Superb High Resolution, High Sensitivity & Impressive “Bokeh” Effect

The X-E1's sensor adopts the same high-performance 16M X-Trans CMOS found in the X Series flagship X-Pro1 model. Featuring an originally developed color filter array with a highly random pixel arrangement, its X-Trans CMOS sensor eliminates the need for an optical low-pass filter, which is used in conventional systems to inhibit moiré at the expense of resolution. The innovative array lets the X-Trans CMOS sensor capture unfiltered light from the lens and produce unprecedented resolution. The unique random arrangement of the color filter array is also highly effective in enhancing noise separation in high-sensitivity photography. Another advantage of the large APS-C sensor is the ability to create a beautiful “bokeh” effect - the aesthetic out-of-focus effect created when shooting with a shallow depth of field.

Conventional Array

Repeating pattern in the case of an array of 2 x 2 pixel units.

New Filter Array

Higher degree of randomness with an array of 6 x 6 pixel units.

Resolution Comparison

High Sensitivity Performance Comparison

Cycles per Pixel (Spatial Frequency)

Vertical axis : MTF (Modulation Transfer Function/Resolution Index)


Vertical axis : S/N (dB)

“X-Trans CMOS” Technologies Take Beauty to New Extremes

Standard Range to ISO6400 and Extended Range to ISO25600

By incorporating a large APS-C sensor and eliminating an optical low-pass filter, Fujifilm's X-Trans CMOS sensor takes advantage of its high sensitivity performance to deliver a standard range up to ISO6400. No matter when or where the photo opportunity occurs, you can depend on its high sensitivity image quality to eliminate blur caused by camera shake or subject motion. The X-E1's low-light capabilities are guaranteed to capture the moment beautifully.

High Resolution

In bright scenes, every detail from the leaves of the trees to a wisp of hair in a portrait is captured with exceptionally high resolution.

Wide Dynamic Range

In high contrast scenes, for example when shooting landscapes with a strong contrast between bright and dark areas, this technology reproduces the natural tonality in both highlights and shadow.

FILM SIMULATION - Explore the Nuances of Color.

Just like choosing the perfect film to match your creative direction, the X-E1 can simulate the color and tonal qualities of acclaimed film brands including the true-to-scene natural look of PROVIA, the vibrant tonality and saturated colors of Velvia and the silky soft look and beautiful skin tones of ASTIA. Film Simulation mode makes it simple to capture the expressive color quality of the rich legacy of Fujifilm photo film technology.


PRO Neg.Std

PRO Neg.Hi






  • * Sample photos are simulated images.