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Two different X-E1s with two personalities. The analog interface enabling instinctive operation that allows you to capture “the perfect moment”.

Two X-E1s, two personalities.

With an 18-55mm lens the X-E1 is compact and has a bright F2.8 as well as an image stabilization function for four shutter speeds. It is available in black or silver.


The black X-E1 allows the subject to forget about the camera and is therefore optimal for reportage work.


The silver X-E1's refined design and feel stands out among the X series and is great for casual occasions.



The design of the X-E1 prioritizes “photographing”

The design of the X-E1 allows you to catch those “perfect moments”

The X-E1 employs numbered dials for aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensation and is equipped with a viewfinder that allows you to select your composition.
The design of the X-E1 resembles the cameras of the film age, and there is wisdom that has been passed down behind it. This gives the X-E1 commonality that transcends the ages.
The X-E1 is designed to enable you to “quickly” capture that moment you wish to document.

An analog interface allowing you to check settings at a glance.

Settings can be checked even when the camera is off.
High precision parts provide just the right amount of torque and resistance when clicking the dials thereby allowing you to get suitable response when photographing.

Interface enabling settings to be changed while looking through the viewfinder.

With the exposure dial and shutter speed controlled with the right hand and the aperture ring controlled with the left, the X-E1 enables you to change settings instinctively by feel without looking up from the viewfinder.
Being able to change settings in an instant means you won't miss that “perfect shot”.

High-rank, high quality design.

Beautiful Magnesium Die-Cast Top and Front Cover - Stylish Yet Strong

“Made in Japan” Premium Quality

Fujifilm X-E1's Design & Accessories

X-E1 Special Site

The compact X-E1 is equipped with an internal flash.

The built-in flash corresponds to GN7*.
You can make your subject stand out using the flash, such as the daytime synchro when the sun is in front of you or the capture light when photographing people.
By combining the superior highly sensitive performance of the X-E1 with highly sensitive settings you can achieve high resolution with little noise by compensating for the amount of light present.
From assist lamps to full flash the X-E1 will broaden the horizon of your photography.

  • * ISO200 · m


Leather Case : BLC-XE1

The luxurious texture of the genuine leather.
Details like the wrapping cloth to protect the lens when storing it in a bag and the design of the top cover that lets you open and close the case with speed and ease so you won't miss the moment.

Hand Grip : HG-XE1

Ergonomically Designed Hand Grip for a Sure Hold on the Moment.

Shoe Mount Flash : EF-X20

Choose from three different types of dedicated external flashes to fit your needs.

Interchangeable Fujinon XF Lens

FUJIFILM is pleased to announce the launch of two new models to the FUJINON XF Lens range bringing the total number of lenses available to five, offering much broader photographic appeal.
Another unique five lenses will be added in the line-up in early 2013, making the total to 10 lenses.


  • * Sample photos are simulated images.

Special Site

X-E1 Special Site

Compact body makes the perfect travel companion. The X-E1 promises to be an exciting addition to the X series range.